Gain Exposure for your Company

15 ideas to gain exposure for your company

1)   Be consistent in writing on your blog- make sure you categorize and tag your blog for the best SEO.   You want people to follow your blog, and ultimately become interested in you.

2)   Set up a Facebook business page.  Be active on this page.  Give people a reason to come to this page. For example, have a contest with a free giveaway or a discount.

3)   Set up a Pintrest account, and use it for business. 

4)   Make sure that you have an aesthetically pleasing site with the right messaging for your company.  Take the time to do an audit on your site.  Put yourself in the mindset of the customer.  Have your friends and family take a look at your site.  Ask them to give you honest advice about your website.

5)    Give back. Donate a little of your time to a good cause. Get entrenched in your community.  Belong to a group that resonates with you.  As the saying goes, ‘give and you shall receive.’

6)   Make sure that your website is a live document.  Keep it interesting and relevant.

7)   Show appreciation.  Write thank you notes to the people that refer you business, and of course write thank you notes to your new and existing clients. 

8)   Set up a yelp account. Ask your clients to Yelp about you.  People read yelp reviews all the time before purchasing a product or service.

9)   Ask for testimonials, and put these on your site.

10)  Donate your product or service to a fundraiser.  Include a sample of your work and a stack of business cards.

11)   Be consistent with your brand. Make it unique and memorable. Remember that you are your brand. 

12)  Give out occasional deals.

13) Over deliver!!

14)  Know your target market and speak to them.

15)  Consider a “Power Partner.”  Partner with someone in your industry whose work compliments yours. Make it a point to consistently refer business to one another.   


Good News for the Economy


Home values rise for first time in 5 years - NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — Home prices hit a bottom and are finally bouncing back, according to an industry report released Tuesday. Nationwide, home values rose 0.2% year-over-year to a median $149,300 during the second quarter,…

(Source: CNN)


Intern Wanted

I am looking for a talented and motivated intern to join the group. 

Summary of Position: The Marketing Intern will assist the Director of Marketing in coordinating and implementing multiple projects including: graphic design, media relations, collateral material, monitoring web analytics, developing strategic marketing plans, blogging, compiling social medial posting options and completing various administrative tasks.

Please submit your resume to:

We can’t wait to hear from you!


Malcom X Quote

Thank you for posting this blog.  I too feel that the quote you posted by Malcom X says alot for who someone can be.

We all make decisions in our lives each and every day that in turn reflect the person we are.  Sometimes we forget that we do need to STAND for SOMETHING.


I saw the best quote the other day

Yesterday, while taking my morning Saturday run with my dog, husband, and baby, there was a man walking with a shirt that had the best quote on it

"If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything." -Malcolm X

This couldn’t be more true.  I normally don’t like to wear clothing that has random words of wisdom for others to read on it, however, I would wear this shirt.  It is so easy to not have an opinion, and just slide by in life, however if you truly want to succeed and get noticed, you have to stand for something, have a voice, and have an opinion.  You will be better respected for it even if the person that you are talking with has a different view than you do on the subject matter. 


The Brand of You

Are you having a difficult time branding your company?  This can be a mind boggling  experience. I mean what is a brand anyway?

Here’s Wikipedia’s definition of a brand: A brand is a “Name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s good or service as distinct from those of other sellers.”[1]Branding began as a way to tell one person’s cattle from another by means of a hot iron stamp. A modern example of a brand is Coca Cola which belongs to the Coca-Cola Company.

Ok, so with that said, the biggest question is how do I differentiate myself from the other cattle? 

We live in a world where brands are all around us…for better or worse.

If you own a company, you have a brand.  It might be an excellent brand, or not so excellent, but if your company exists, than a brand exists with it.  The important thing to remember about a brand is that you have to manage it.  A brand is your reputation out in the marketplace.  You are your company’s brand. Your employees are your company’s brand.  It is essential to take the time to consider your brand, and how you want to be perceived in the marketplace, from your personality to your business cards, to your website, to your handshake. 

When you think about your brand, think about how you appear to the outside world? Do you look, speak and act the part while remaining true to yourself? Are you walking the walk?  Are you being consistent in your messaging? Do you know what your personal brand is or what you want it to be?

Managing the signals and messages we project is not a superficial pursuit. In fact it’s an essential tool in helping to achieve personal impact for life and business success.  This takes time and focus to do it right.

You are your brand, and remember that what others say about your brand is more impactful than what you say about yourself. 


Inspiration for Business Card Designs

So I am creating a few business card designs for 2 different clients, and I ran across this link for some inspiration:

Some of my favorites:

Another favorite for a full brand:


Daily Inspiration

Check this out for a different type of portfolio


4 Email Productivity Apps for Marketing Professionals

Are you a slave to your email inbox? Do you find yourself obsessively checking your email every few minutes? Or has your inbox spiraled out of control – do you feel like you’re drowning and don’t know where to begin to get things back on track?

Fortunately help is at hand – Simply Business have pulled together this infographic detailing solutions to common email productivity problems:

Click the image to launch the interactive version. Move through each of the questions – if you see an issue you can relate to move to the outer circles which contain links to resources and tools to help. Simply click on whatever takes your fancy and it will open in a new tab.

Click image to open interactive version (via Simply Business).

Despite never quite achieving Inbox Zero (normally I’m around Inbox 7, but I’m working on it), I am a massive fan of apps to help manage my email – here are a few I wouldn’t be without:


Struggle to put faces to names? Rapportive is the app for you. It shows you everything about your contacts right there inside your inbox. You can see their picture, where they’re based, what they last tweeted etc. It also makes it really easy to connect with them on other networks like LinkedIn.


This was a total game changer for me. A large proportion of the emails I receive require some sort of action from me, and Taskforce allows you to convert emails into tasks without the need to leave your inbox. Plus you can delegate tasks, and schedule them for later.


Lack the discipline to leave your inbox alone? Worried that you might miss something really urgent? AwayFind notifies you of important messages via your mobile so you’ll never miss an important email again.


Boomerang allows you write emails and schedule them to send later. It also reminds you to follow up or if you don’t hear back from people.

Got some productivity tips of your own to share? Or apps you can’t live without? I’d love to hear about them via the comments!

About the author: James Daugherty enjoys being as productive as he can be while watching cat videos

Stock photo courtesy of Shutterstock.


10 Tips for Building a Kick-Butt Brand

1)    Be consistent with your message throughout all mediums- i.e. website, flyers, blog posts.

2)    Walk the walk- Make sure that you are an expert in your line of business, keeping up with your education and current trends.

3)    Own your brand and be proud of it.  Define who you are. This will help define your brand.

4)    Define your target audience, and target them through different mediums of communication.

5)    Become an expert in your field.  Be the go to person for advice and counseling in what you do.

6)    Create a bio sheet and a one-page flyer about your company that you can send or hand to potential clients in a pinch.

7)    Create a signature look, and stick to it.  Make sure that your audience can identify with you.  You want people to eventually identify with your look, and know your brand.

8)    Choose a few colors for your brand and use the same colors throughout all of your marketing material.

9)    Define your company. Make sure that you know who your company is, what it stands for, and who you represent, and then own it.

10) Why have a brand?  A brand speaks to people, it shows that you are professional and care enough about your company for it to have a voice and a personality. People want to know that you have it together before they hire you.